Tailwind website - create & deploy the project on MDB GO

How to deploy & host tailwind website - tutorial & free hosting

This guide will take you step by step on how to create your project and deploy using MDB CLI.

Initialize and publish Tailwind project


In order to initialize project and use predefined tailwind components starter use the following command:

$ mdb init

You will list of available starters to choose from. To create tailwind project select "Tailwind Components".


Once you finish building your project, use the following command do deploy it:

$ mdb frontend publish

Note: Since frontend is a default value for publish command, you can run just mdb publish (instead of mdb frontend publish )

If you are publishing for the first time, CLI will ask you few initial questions like

  • Whether you want to use npm or yarn?
  • What is your project name, version, description, github address and license

Once you successfully publish your project they will be stored for a future.

Video tutorial: