MDB CLI Changelog

Version 4.1.0, released 27.09.2022

MDB GO 4.1.0 brings many improvements, mostly focused on MDB GO Dashboard and our homepage.

New MDB GO Dashboard

We have completely redesigned MDB GO Dashboard and have built the new version from scratch. We have added more views and improved the existing ones. We have also changed the navigation - on the left-hand side you will see many more options and you will notice that the menu items have been grouped into logical groups where you can easily find the options that you are looking for. This new version better shows what MDB GO is and what you can do with this. The old design didn't really show all possibilities and wasn't very convenient. We strongly believe that the new MDB GO Dashboard demonstrates the potential of our hosting platform and shows many features that are available for users.

Below are listed all the new views with a brief explanation of what are they built for:

  • Overview - Here you will find the most important info about your data hosted on MDB GO. You'll see a list of the most recent projects, your latest activity, some numbers showing how many resources you have created so far as well as your license and plan info & limits.
  • Create Project/Database - We have moved the create forms to separate pages. It allowed us to have more space for additional options and info that helps create new Projects and Databases.
  • Manage Projects/Databases/Custom domains/Repositories - The current Projects and Databases listings have been improved and we have added also Custom domains and Repositories listings. It helps you better understand the features that you are using and you can quickly jump into a particular Project management panel.
  • Manage Project/Database - We have significantly improved the Project/Database management panels. You will notice a lot more info separated into tabs which lets you easily see all the necessary details.
  • Analytics - Here you will have access to some basic analytics info about your projects. We will show you how often your projects are visited by users on the Internet.
  • Backups - This view allows you to look into the frequency of backups that are created for your safety. Depending on the plan you are currently using, you will see more entries.
  • Billing - On this panel, you will be able to quickly see your subscription info and your recent payments.
  • License - Here you'll see similar subscription details as on the Billing page, but instead of your payments, you will see your License Members and Admin.
  • Tools: SFTP/Jenkins/GitLab - On these pages, you will find some useful tips on how to connect to your SFTP server or how to log into MDB GO GitLab and Jenkins accounts.

New MDB GO Homepage & Docs

With this version we have also redesigned and rebuilt our homepage along with the docs. It's a lot lighter now and much, much faster. We will continue working on the documentation to cover all the MDB GO features. Let us know how do you like it now!

New features:

  • All backend projects will have something called Container TTL. It's a time after which your container will be stopped, and you will have to start it again if you want your project to continue working. Currently, all paid plans will have unlimited Container TTL whereas free users will be affected by this change.
  • You will be able to manage License Admin and License Members, which means that you can add more people to your license depending on your plan limit.

Fixed & improved:

  • As a new user you can now create a Project with Repository without errors
  • By default, new repositories will be created without having the master branch set as protected
  • Deleting a project will now delete your SSL certificate as well
  • An error won't be thrown when you are trying to add someone to your Project while they are already a Repository member
  • "Standard with Webpack" Starter has been renamed to "Standard + Webpack"

Version 4.0.2, released 25.07.2022

Fixed & improved:

  • Config error that caused MDB GO install & update to fail

Version 4.0.1, released 25.07.2022

Fixed & improved:

  • Error messages in MDB GO CLI & Dashboard
  • Updated tests

Version 4.0.0, released 15.06.2022

Introducing MDB GO Pricing

MDB GO will keep its free plan, but we have introduced two additional subscription plans depending on your needs. You can visit the MDB GO Pricing page to check out the details.

New features:

  • Resources usage limits depending on your active plan. This includes RAM and space usage, as well as the number of projects and databases that you host with us. Free users will still have enough space to host their hobby projects. Paid plans will allow you to extend these limits and access some PRO features.
  • Bulk operations - you can delete many projects at once
  • Regular FTP backups - your projects will be kept safe in case you will need a backup copy
  • Regular Database backups - your data will be kept safe as well

Fixed & improved:

  • Fixed frontend & backend projects init in Dashboard
  • Numerous bugfixes in CLI & Dashboard (typos, unexpected and unhandled errors etc)

Version 3.7.5, released 14.02.2022

New features:

  • MDB5 Angular Advanced Starter added
  • MDB5 Vue Advanced Starter added
  • The URL to your project will be automatically copied to your clipboard after publishing via CLI

Fixed & improved:

  • Fixed the mdb logs [-f | --follow] command
  • Numerous bugfixes in CLI & Dashboard (typos, unexpected and unhandled errors etc)
  • Fixed tests

Version 3.7.4, released 19.01.2022

Fixed & improved:

  • You can now see your project's directory name on FTP server in Dashboard -> Manage project page
  • Deleting a backend project won't throw errors
  • Auto-initializing the .mdb file has been fixed on non-Linux OSes
  • Improved handling of the package.json, requirements.txt and composer.json files depending on the backend technology
  • Improved the mdb register command and it's much faster now

Version 3.7.3, released 20.12.2021

New features:

  • Added support for Node v14, v16 and v17
  • You can now initialize a specific starter using its code as an argument to the mdb init <code> command
  • You can pass a database username, password and description using flags to the mdb database init command


  • You'll get a proper message when your token expired instead of hanging up on mdb publish

Version 3.7.2, released 10.11.2021

New features:

  • Added support for initializing and deploying Python projects

Version 3.7.1, released 2.11.2021

Fixed & improved:

  • Added checking for the existence and requiring a configuration file

New features:

  • Added mdb config init command which creates a project configuration file with its metadata
  • Added support for downloading a project to the current folder

Version 3.7.0, released 13.10.2021

Fixed & improved:

  • Improved log tracking for backend and wordpress projects