External domains

MDB CLI External domains

This page contains configurations options for adding new domains, setting up git repository and more.

Add custom domain to your project

MDB GO allows you to add a custom domain to your project. In other words, if you are owner of yourdomain.com you can use this domain for your MDB GO project.

1. Login to your admin panel at MDB GO Dashboard, navigate to Projects and click at MANAGE button next to the project.

manage project

Click MANAGE button next to the domain address.

manage domain

Click EDIT button next to the current domain.

edit domain

This will open an edit website, simply enter a new domain name and click UPDATE DOMAIN.

You can also set the domain name by running the following command inside the MDB project:

            $ mdb config domain <yourdomain>

(i.e. mdb config domain mydomain.com)

2. Set the correct DNS record depending on the type of domain you are using:

  • custom domain with SSL - set the A record pointing to
  • custom subdomain with SSL - set the CNAME pointing to sni.mdbgo.com
  • custom domain without SSL - set the A record pointing to

Note: Configuration of the DNS records vary depending on hosting provider. In order to edit A record you have to sign in to your hosting provider where you bought domain and search for DNS configuration. Watch the video to see sample configuration on OVH.
Warning! If you already have one or more A records referring to your domain name, please delete them first because otherwise, it won't work properly. Be careful though, do not change any A records that do not refer your exact domain name because you may break some other things. If you are not sure what to do, please contact our Support.

Video tutorial: