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  1. Free hosting for your apps & databases
  2. Open-source deployment tool
  3. Custom domains
  4. Frontend & backend templates
  5. WordPress support
  6. Git repository, FTP & Jenkins
Get started npm install -g mdb-cli

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Create & manage your repository

MDB Go provides an easy way to create, manage and collaborate with other members of your team on your repository.

Add git repository to your project

MDB GO allows you to add a git repository to your projects. In order to do so simply login to your admin panel at, navigate to projects and click at MANAGE button next to the project.

If your project doesn't have repository you will see X next to "Repository" field.


In case your project already have a repository you will see a link to it.

Click CREATE button. This will create a git repository and submit your currently deployed code into a new repository.

Now you can navigate to your git project, review history, manage access and more.

From now on whenever you run mdb get command to download your MDB GO project to your local computer it will clone the project from GIT repository (instead of downloading it from FTP)

Video tutorial: